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Treat yourself to an original and unique work.


 Gift art

Looking for original ideas for parties, birthdays, special occasions

come and visit us, we will gladly advise you!

Come and discover our boutique space at Estréeas well as our online sales area to follow all the news of your favorite artists.

Currently you will find:

 Line Dutoit Choffet, Pauline Tornare,, Suzy Balkert,Jens Balkert.

Engravings, postcards and books are also waiting for you.


Works of art

Discover the works available

The works are frequently renewed, more choice at Estrée.


Helmut Guth, Jens Balkert, Gilbert Reinhardt, Marc Jurt, Eliane Monnin.



Discover books, CDs, engravings, ceramics and other art objects in our shop

Currently :

Line Dutoit Choffet, Pauline Tornare, Camille Rapin,

Suzy Balkert,

Jens Balkert, Sandrine Soldini

and many others.

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