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The story of L'Estrée

Words from management

Located in the heart of the small Vaudois village of Ropraz, a stone's throw from Lausanne, L'Estrée is distinguished by a rich cultural life, crazy architecture and meticulous hanging. Created by Alain Gilliéron in 1989, it became a foundation in 1993 and is recognized as a non-profit public utility. In 2019 the Estrée was already celebrating its 30th anniversary!

After 30 years of existence, and over the course of artistic encounters, it is good to know that everywhere on this planet, a certain number of us believe that, as Maurice Béjart  writes: “ Art is not a luxury, nor a need, nor a test and it is in great times of trouble, of revolt that it must recover and question us."_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_  Alain Gilliéron

“Our foundation has presented strong works and ideas for more than 30 years. Art is a universal language, it has no borders, it is the social cement essential to the proper functioning of a society. Timeless, it shows us the current state of the world as well as its past and future. When we forget ourselves, it brings us back to life, when we live, it leads us to reflection and dreams. 136bad5cf58d_    

Artists are visionaries who arouse the viewer's interest, in order to intrigue him, charm him, repel him, invite him to reflect, question him or even tell him stories... Works of art are windows to the elsewhere and everyone is free to appropriate and interpret what they see for themselves. This is the power of art. » Crystel Ybloux

Alain Gillieron

Founder of Estrée

Crystel Ybloux

Director & Curator

Mikael Jaunin

IT & secretarial assistant

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