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Novecento : Pianist
by Alessandro Baricco

L'Estrée is pleased to welcomeNovecento: pianist of Alessandro Baricco. A poetic and poignant show, in the form of a touching monologue, Baricco combines the enchantment of the fable with dizzying metaphors.


This Baricco monologue tells the unique story of Danny Boodmann TD Lemon Novecento. Born and abandoned on an ocean liner in 1900, he was adopted by the crew and grew up among them without ever going ashore. Sailing relentlessly on the Atlantic, he learned to play the piano and became a virtuoso. Everyone who hears him play regards him as the greatest pianist of all time. He spends his life with his hands resting on the eighty-eight black and white keys of a piano, composing strange and magnificent music, which belongs only to him: the music of the ocean whose echo spreads in all the ports.

French text: Françoise Brun
Direction and scenography: Jean-Gabriel Chobaz
Set construction: Workshop Backstage
Lighting design: Carole Martin
Costume: Scilla Ilardo
Props and painting: Antoinette Baira

Company: Cie Théâtre du Projecteur

With Stephane Rentznik


"Show whose luminous and enveloping staging takes us far, very far"

CL Gerber

"Wonderful interpretation by Stéphane Rentznik and a very beautiful staging by JG Chobaz for a poignant story that touches us in the depths of our souls".

V. Modoux-Uldry

“To salute above all the performance of the actor who manages to inhabit the monologue of various voices ranging from laughter to tears; note that the spectator's emotional attention goes crescendo thanks to a game that increases in power until we make us pitch and swing internally according to the thoughts and adventures of Novecento, the virtuoso pianist.

As for the decor, static at first sight, it turns out to be protean and ingenious thanks to the fine and clever staging of a monologue which, from a motionless boat, knows how to make a boat crossing not only the ocean, but a constellation emotions, memories, friendships, tender rivalries and even a part of the history of European migrants to New York”

L. Parmigiani

New dates: 20,21 and 22 May 2022

Reservation recommended space)

Admission 30.- francs

Student/AVS 25.- francs

free for children under 16

Many thanks to our partners and sponsors
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