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Zoo Story

or almost...

after Edward Albee

Directed by: Francois Landolt

Assistant: Paola Landolt

Translation: Mathieu Galey

In the role of Jerry: Edmond Vullioud

As Peter: Lionel Brady


Costumes: Scilla Illardo

Fighter: Pavel Jancik


Technical manager: Adrien Gardel

Production: L'Estrée & AGP Trilog

Final A3 poster.jpg

A poignant piece showing the process of marginalization,

revealing of our individualistic society where the law of the jungle imposes itself ever more slyly.


In the foliage of a park two destinies, two men, Jerry and Peter, face each other.


In a society marked by individualism, the law of the jungle imposes itself ever more slyly. Times have changed, the Society continues to evolve. But Edward ALBEE is still current. Formerly the Pariah was designated, excluded for a reason X and known to all... a form of social position. JERRY isn't even an outcast, we don't know him. We are unaware of his distress and it does not interest anyone.He lives worse than poverty: he has no friends. He is alone.


The Pariah of today has not been condemned by Men; he slipped all alone towards loneliness, will often have taken a long time to lose his footing, will have tried to run away, to hang on... But he lost. Lost everything: His job. His relationships. His friends. Himself.


So, for Jerry, time stopped when the Society left him. He wanted to remain dignified, he is intelligent, cultured; what's the point ? It really is “too much”. He chooses his “assisted death”. PETER cries and doesn't understand. JERRY is dead, relieved, grateful. The birds in the park are singing. Nobody cares.

Thank you to the Point Vert Garden Outlet Garden of Yvorne who makes us available

a fresh and natural setting every day.


This play will be performed at:


from September 21 to 23, 2018

Full price CHF30.-

Reduced price CHF20.-

21september premiere 8 p.m.

22September 8 p.m.

Pulloff Theaters
from October 27 to 14, 2018

reservation at Pulloff


Passage Theater
from November 2-3-4, 2018

booking at the Passage Theater

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