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  The Literary Cafés of Estrée 

Presentation and promotion of an author's book or an art book, conference on literature, reading of an excerpt, discussion and convivial sharing around a drink, these are the ingredients that make up these literary evenings in L'Estree. In addition, once a year, another milestone event takes place at L'Estrée. The awarding of the Edouard Rod literary prize by a jury of writers.

Next literary café (pending)


Edouard Rod Prize(in select committee)

attributed to The Supreme Life of Alain Bagnoud

Around the engraving of Francine Simonin

Guided tours by Raymond Meyer

As part of the exhibition by Etienne Krähenbühl and Francine Simonin


About Marc Jurt

As part of the Marc Jurt exhibition

Evening hosted by Jean-Philippe Rapp

Reading Jean-Philippe Ecoffey

Text Corine Renevey and Jean-Michel Olivier


Night of Poetry
As part of the festivities around the 40th anniversary of Éditions de l'Aire

Guests: André Petitat, Bernard Reymond,Danielle Risse, Pierre-Alain Tache, Jacques Tornay

Stroll along the Volga
an imaginary day around

Anna Akhmatova - Boris Pasternak - Osip Mandelstam - Marina Tsvetaeva
by Bernard Raymond

Reading- Laure Aubert, Murielle Tenger, Quentin Leutenegger, Sébastien Gautier
Music - Anna Slezakova

The bird shop

Baker's Mousse
Reading - Baker's Mousse


Lights on the Dark and Horizons - Light
Poems Laurence Verrey   
Ink Louise Beetschen


Severin Bussy

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