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A traveling outdoor theater

Created in 2012, Transvaldésia has already established itself as an annual and eagerly awaited event.

The central element of the Transvaldésia project, which makes it original, resides in a mobile theater stage that can be dismantled in a few hours, fully equipped technically. It can, hitched to an agricultural tractor, move from village to village, from town to town, and, according to the plan of the tour, settle in the place indicated.

Designed by François Landolt, this mobile and removable stage was commissioned by the Estrée Foundation from decorator Adrien Moretti, who made it from an agricultural cart that he transformed. Loterie Romande 100% supported this first essential step for the very existence of Transvaldésia.


The goals of Transvaldesia are  the following:

  • Breaking out of the traditional scheme, to bring theater where it is unexpected, or even unknown, thanks to a fully equipped stage, benches, covers and an attractive, fully professional cultural spectacle.

  • To give actors who have graduated from the Teintureries, École de Théâtre, the opportunity for a unique professional experience that can constitute a great additional training. Because if the participation in the festival is reserved for them, the distribution is done each year by giving priority to the youngest among them.



The choice of the director is made each year in consultation between the Fondation l'Estrée and François Landolt.

Francois Landolt

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