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Jens Balkert
  • Jens Balkert






    Sandstone from Normandy and Bollène, metal

    H 8 cm, L 14x17 cm


    The work is currently in the store.





    • Jens Balkert

      Jens Balkert is of Danish origin, his sculptures fascinate and surprise. His pieces with fragmented, worn-out shapes are directly inspired by the mineral or plant world (Ginko). Some pieces stretch like a mountain wall or a broken stone surface. The colors are dark and restrained. Jens Balkert's pieces show a raw strength that goes beyond the traditionally smooth and fragile field of ceramics. He plays with surfaces and textures at the same time  rough, porous, cracked, worked and patinated referring to the traces of time and memory.

    • Once the work is reserved via the Estrée website, an invoice will be sent to you by email. After payment for the work, it will be available at the Fondation l'Estrée for collection (either during opening hours or outside the exhibition, appointment by email).

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