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All Doped - Burki
  • All Doped - Burki


    A tragicomic book about doping.


    The first proven modern case of doping dates back to 1865, and it is clearly not going to stop tomorrow. From EPO to hormones, including anabolics, everything is good, it seems, to achieve victory. You still have to not be caught...


    In this album by Swiss press cartoonist Raymond Burki, discover with humor the different facets of doping, in all its forms and in all sports. To read without taking a urine test...

    • Raymond Burki

      Raymond Burki (1949-2016). Born in the canton of Vaud, an important Swiss figure as a cartoonist, press cartoonist, caricaturist and illustrator.


      Pillar of the 24-hour newspaper, for 38 years, the entire French-speaking Swiss population knows his drawings. He published some 8000 drawings during his career.

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