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Artuality - Bones and ashes the Gulag - André Sugnaux
  • Artuality - Bones and ashes the Gulag - André Sugnaux

    20,00 CHFPrice

    Bones and ashes the Gulag

    André Sugaux


    Texts by André Sugnaux illustrated by his drawings

    Preface - Mousse Boulanger

    Graphics - The Scribe

    Editions de L'Aire

    • André Sugaux

      When he is not in Paris, Cairo or Saint Petersburg, André Sugnaux, artist, painter, glassmaker lives in Prez-vers-Siviriez where he has set up his workshop. Self-taught at first, André Sugnaux was subsequently able to give himself a very eclectic training by following courses at the École nationale des Beaux-Arts in Paris, those at the Académie St-Roch with J. Bertholle, the Académie Beaubourg at Gaugois and the École du Louvre.

      From 1974 to today, André Sugnaux has continued to present his works in personal exhibitions not only in Switzerland such as Zurich, Kloten, Einsiedeln, Saint-Gall (Abwîl), Geneva, Martigny, Vevey, Yverdon-Les-Bains and Fribourg, Bulle, Romont Grangeneuve, Charmey, but also abroad, Paris, Tunis, Saint Petersburg.


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