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Rock Raymond Ligué
  • Rock Raymond Ligué


    Rock Raymond Ligué is an artist who has exhibited several times at Estrée.

    "The artist, trained at the Abidjan Arts Institute and the Lausanne Art School (ECAL), is passionate about engraving, painting and sculpture. He has been working for several years on the theme of nature and the thickness of the material. He kneads it, cuts it, sculpts it to give shape and life. A world with its reflections and its brilliance, its reliefs and its hollows. He won the Anker prize in 1993 and currently works in his workshop in Lausanne." Danny Schaer

    • Rock Raymond Ligué

      Rock Raymond Ligué was born in Divo in Ivory Coast. At the age of 20, the opportunity to come to Lausanne, Switzerland presented itself. He studied at ECAL (Ecole Artistique de Lausanne), then Rock Raymond Ligué obtained a secondary education diploma in artistic studies. Currently  he links teaching and his profession as an artist.


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