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Suzy Balkert
  • Suzy Balkert




    Round box(orange and black)

    No. 13

    Earthenware clay, sigilated earth, 3 firings (electric oven and wood oven)



    Currently in the exhibition.





    • Suzy Balkert

      Suzy Balkert,of Neuchâtel origin, works an ancestral technique, “terra sigillata” widely used in Roman Antiquity. Suzy Balkert is particularly fond of this technique and knows all its secrets. Suzy Balkert plays between a deep, opaque black background and the transparent appearance of bright colors. The result is mysterious works, both brilliant, luminous, smooth and always very elegant. To find his clays, the artist tells us that you just have to walk a little to find them near waterways, in a quarry or on an embankment. This part of the process is a return to the sources important for his inspiration, so we find in his pieces the movement of a river, the beauty of a precious stone or even songbirds. 

    • Once the work is reserved via the Estrée website, an invoice will be sent to you by email. After payment for the work, it will be available at the Fondation l'Estrée for collection (either during opening hours or outside the exhibition, appointment by email).

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